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The company was founded in the late 70’s in California as Yarn Loft International importing primarily serger threads.



In the early 80’s the company moved to Provo, Utah and became a pioneer in silk ribbon embroidery and a leader in ribbons and books.  During this time, YLI’s reputation grew as a supplier of top quality products to the needlework and serger markets.



Another move in 1996, this time to Rock Hill, South Carolina, saw the company enter the booming quilting market.  It was an innovative period with new threads constantly added to the company’s expanding product line.


During the late 90’s, YLI began marketing its high quality, niche products solely to independent retailers.  The company sourced many of its new products in the U.S. while maintaining strong ties to Japan for specialty products.



In 2001, YLI purchased its largest U.S. supplier.  Five years later, YLI moved to a renovated textile mill in Rock Hill, tripling its manufacturing and warehouse space.  This key move allowed YLI to prepare for the next step in the company’s growth.



YLI’s 100% long staple cotton products are purchased from Egypt, dyed in North Carolina, Georgia or Japan and then finished, wound and packaged in South Carolina.  Hand quilting thread has an additional step of starch glazing in Massachusetts.  Today YLI is one of the last companies producing our consumer cotton threads in the U.S.


YLI Cotton Hand Quilting Thread

YLI Silk


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YLI Silk Thread - 217



YLI Silk Thread - 250



YLI Silk Thread - 210



YLI 1000 yds - Grey Blue



YLI Select 1000yd 40/2ply Grey