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Lighted Edge Square Up Template - 8" x 8"

To be used to measure finished quilt block. And to use to do a little necessary trimming. Always gently press finished Block - Measure and trim a little when necessary. (Just guessing doesn't always measure up) We make any size you might need. The larger size can work for cutting smaller but sometimes is a little bit awkward. But it seems the majority prefer the exact size for what they are making.

This laser-etched ruler brings a new level of precision to your measurements. 8 x 8 square.

Accurate to a fault, this laser etched ruler brings a level of precision to your measurements as only a laser etched ruler can. Unlike screen printed rulers which often have significant  differences in line width, each measurement line on our Lighted Edge rulers is precisely sized. A quarter-inch measurement is a true quarter-inch measurement. Regardless of the  color, style or fabric print, the lighted lines on these rulers glow. Each easy to see lighted line clearly shows up in even the poorest of lighting conditions. No more black ruler lines that  disappear into the fabric.

  • Perfect for quilters who may not see as clearly as they once did
  • Highlights all fabric colors, prints and shades
  • Excellent for use in dimly lit class rooms or anywhere lighting is a problem
  • Designed to provide clear unobstructed viewing
  • Distinctive measurement lines “glow”
  • Permanently etched laser lines never fade or wear away
  • No black or colored ink measurement lines that disappear into the fabric
  • No bulbs or batteries required