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All That Glitters Is Snow - Panel

Diane Kater began her artistic journey at a very early age, drawing and coloring her way through childhood. Continuing into a more learned environment, she participated in a commercial art program in high school and then onto art school where she graduated with an associate’s degree in advertising and design. She worked in the commercial field as an art director of an advertising agency until she branched out onto her own and specialized in graphic design.

In 1991, she met Judy VonStein of Imaginating, Inc. and ventured into a needlework designer, designing cross-stitch and quilt patterns. Her painting talents led her to her current agent, Penny Lane Publishing. 

Today, she produces a range of interchangeably styled still-life paintings in acrylic medium. A "country-esque" theme shadows over much of her work as she captures the essence of home.  Diane’s paintings are soft and comfortable. She believes country is homemade and handmade, but most of all provides a feeling of comfort that she wishes to draw her viewer into.